Labor Day Weekend Special: 5-For-1 Microbiome Kits

Your bacteria work hard, and so do you. It’s time to celebrate!

Many of you wrote in after our last “5 microbiome kits for the price of 1” offer, saying that you missed out and wanted us to repeat the sale.

We heard you!

Here’s your chance to meet all the bacteria currently living in your gut, and also learn about your mouth, nose, skin, and genital microbiomes at the same time.

Starting now, a 5-site microbiome testing kit is just $89 instead of the usual $399.

Offer valid until Monday only (or while supplies last.)

Use discount code 5FOR1YAY when you checkout at

We salute all the hard work you and your bacteria do, and wish you a happy and relaxing Labor Day weekend.

Your friends at uBiome

10 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend Special: 5-For-1 Microbiome Kits

  1. Alexandra Carmichael

    Hi everyone, great question!

    So we tell you all the bacteria that are on the 5 different sites of your body, compare you to other people in different health and lifestyle categories, and update you on suggestions from the latest scientific research. You’re also contributing to research that helps discoveries be made faster.

    It’s basically a complete picture of all the bacteria that share your body with you.

    Hope that helps, have a wonderful weekend!

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